Image of a calculator and papers with graphs

Are you looking into the possibility of:

– Angel / Equity investment
– Loan
– Other financing

I offer a Financial Forecasting service to help businesses prepare good quality, robust and accurate financials for business plans and investor docs. I have written my own custom Excel model and I help with:

1. The physical production of integrated Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Cashflow – month-by-month for up to 5 years

2. Encouraging the business to think about the causes and effects of the numbers, their timings in the plan, and what they mean practically for the business

Many businesses are great at what they do, indeed they should be! However, they are not so good at numbers. Many rely on their accountant to tell them at the end of the year how they faired in that year. Many accountants are not forward looking.

I also have a link into an excellent angel investment network, so if you need this info please let me know. You don’t have to use my services to get an introduction!

I have just completed a project working with Air Ticket Arena, a start-up seeking £850k+ angel funding for their new app launching into the airline industry.